1. Of Love and War

    The road will be rough and the load will be tough, but I will conquer

    The world will be harsh and the sky will throw burden, but I will conquer

    With you in my arms, defying all the laws, I will conquer

    The mind will be walloped and the heart might follow, but I will conquer

    Our blood will defy and the soul will let down, but I will conquer

    With you in my arms, singing classic songs, I will conquer

    Illusions of present are bearding the vision, but I will conquer

    In the mud of opinions my feet struggle to propel, but I will conquer

    With your hand in my hand and your inhibited glands, I will conquer

    A part of my own is holding me back, but I will conquer

    The whole of you stands stirred by the blues, but I will conquer

    With you in my heart, for the promises of yore, I will conquer

    The praises would go and hatred would grow, but I will conquer

    The society would recluse and the love would refuse, but I will conquer

    And the drama will end in blood and pain, I will conquer

  2. World, how we be?

    Evil despises the introvert
    Charm scorns the good
    A lil boy with a heart of gold
    The desire for gems in perfect world
    A lil boy, handful of coal

    Beauty hates the absence
    Of vanity and pride
    A modest girl with sky blue eyes
    Travelled for love, travelled for miles
    A lovely girl, betrayed by lies

  3. -No coming back-

    About to jump into the sea
    And you keep coming back to me
    Thought I keep waiting for your smile
    Who gives a damn I got so much on my mind

    Feelings are like sulfur
    You burn them for the blues
    And it’s gone up to the sky
    There’s no coming back to you

  4. She is just great

    Love the whiskey
    She pours me in
    And the high she’s fond of
    As she fixes my drink

    Love the grump 
    I’m endorsed to throw
    Yet she is enraptured 
    It only grows

    Like the blanket 
    My arms would be
    Bedazzled she remains
    In the shelter she would sleep

    Love the magnificent
    It would rest in her eyes
    While she’s smitten 
    My petty feats and lies

    It’s all a dream as we are today
    I am just good and she is just great

  5. Current global government debt →


  6. we are most alive in dreams: Coming Home →


    I write about people just enough to feel human. To feel as though I belong to something bigger than myself. To pretend I know the dirty little secrets that everyone keeps stitched in the lining of their skin.

    But maybe we all read our own press too much. Or don’t press enough. Don’t squeeze and…

    Home is where the brain isnt!

  7. By the lover’s lake

    She’s a spotless canvas
    Me, the kid with a paintbrush
    Neither the blues of sorrow
    Nor a red of despise
    For our arms and those moments
    The candescent white

    Oh, the peace we’d find there
    The only place that’s right

    Shes a spotless canvas
    I am some kid with my paintbrush
    Grime her with my emotions
    Dark and bright, as I wish as I like
    Yet, she would please me with her smile
    Change the texture, make things fine

    Oh, the peace we’d find there
    The only place that’s right

  8. Luminescent trees


    And there were bulbs growing on trees
    Soak ‘em in dusk for light
    And sunrise could put them to sleep

    Yes it’s all automatic
    Put some hours in the slot
    And the world turns around
    To show us this trick

    Once in a while, a flower would die
    But the governments will bring it back to life
    And sunrise would put them to sleep

    Click details: Nariman Point, Mumbai, Winter Evening.
    Oh the always so surreal Nariman Point. It stinks of success though.